【Travel to Japan】Great hotel in Osaka near Universal Studios Japan【USJ】


Welcome to Japan.

Universal Studios Japan is a theme park where you can experience the world of Hollywood movies to the fullest.

It’s just as popular as Disneyland in Tokyo, where tourists from all over the world can have a dream-like time

This time, we will introduce a hotel that has excellent access to Universal Studios Japan and offers a wonderful experience.

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Writer’s Profile

I was born in Japan and raised in Tokyo. Currently, I am staying at hotels all over Japan and working as an IT engineer and blogger. I am writing this blog to let many foreigners know about Japan culture, food, and hospitality.

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☑️Searching for hotel rooms in Osaka
☑️Searching for a hotel with good access to Universal Studios Japan

3 hotels in Kyoto with excellent access to Universal Studios Japan!

Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka

The hotel is themed around the cities and culture of England.

The rooms on the 24th to 31st floors have a variety of designs reminiscent of manor houses and mansions, and you can see the sparkling night view of Osaka city from the guest rooms.

There are a wide variety of restaurants on the 22nd floor, including French cuisine, teppanyaki, and Japan cuisine.

Hotel NameHotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka
address〒556-0017 Osaka-shi, Naniwa-ku, Minato-cho 1-2-3
accessNamba Station 4 min walk
Yotsubashi Station 3 min drive
distanceFrom the hotel to Universal Studios Japan 15 minutes by train 



I stayed at this hotel on the first day for sightseeing in Osaka and the second day for a trip to enjoy USJ.
The impression of the hotel was “very satisfied!”
The interior is as per the concept, with a high-quality British-style structure and subdued lighting, creating a very relaxing atmosphere.

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Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka

The hotel’s best recommendation is the breakfast buffet.

There is a wide variety of dishes and excellent taste, and I think it is recommended for those who want to eat a delicious breakfast.

It is an alliance hotel of Universal Studios Japan, and there is also a loop bus (one bus per day / reservation required by the day before) that goes directly to the park exclusively for guests.

Hotel NameRihga Royal Hotel Osaka
address〒530-0005 5-3-68 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture
accessFree bus available from JR Osaka Station (about 10 minutes every 6~15 minutes) / Adjacent to the International Conference Center / Directly connected to Nakanoshima Station on the Keihan Railway / About 25 minutes by free bus to USJ
distanceAbout 25 minutes by free direct bus to USJ

It was just the right location to go to Osaka Station, USJ, Shinsaibashi, etc. Everyone at the hotel was very kind and Mr./Ms. had a nice smile. The breakfast buffet was also enjoyed slowly on both days, and the bread and omelet were delicious.

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Oriental Hotel Universal City

Located a 1-minute walk from Universal Studios Japan, this hotel was renovated in December 2021.

It has been reborn as a chic outfit reminiscent of nature. Since it is located in the Universal City, it is easy to go out for dinner.

Recommended for those who like new and clean rooms and facilities. It is also recommended for those who want to eat breakfast with particular ingredients.

Hotel NameOriental Hotel Universal City
address〒554-0024 6-2-78 Shimaya, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture
access1 minute walk to USJ / 1 minute walk from JR Universal City Station / 12 minutes from JR Osaka Station / 5 minutes by car from the Hanshin Expressway Universal City exit
distanceOnly 1 minutes walk to USJ

I used it because it is close to USJ. I’m really glad I chose this hotel because I was able to go back to the hotel immediately after playing in USJ. The children were delighted with the welcome lounge. I would like to use it again.

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