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Welcome to Japan.

Nara Park is not a general park.

Most of the park is covered with grass, and you can interact with about 1,000 deer, making it one of the most popular tourist spots in Nara.

In the park, you will find Todaiji Temple and Kasuga Taisha Shrine, which are registered as World Heritage Sites. You will be overwhelmed by the magnificent wooden structures and the Big Buddha.

This time, we will introduce a hotel that has excellent access to Nara Park and offers a wonderful experience.

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Writer’s Profile

I was born in Japan and raised in Tokyo. Currently, I am staying at hotels all over Japan and working as an IT engineer and blogger. I am writing this blog to let many foreigners know about Japan culture, food, and hospitality.

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☑️Searching for hotel rooms in Nara
☑️Searching for a hotel with good access to Nara Park

3 hotels in Nara with excellent access to Nara Park!

Nara Hotel

It is the most famous and classic hotel in Nara and has been in business for more than 110 years.

You can enjoy French and Japan cuisine prepared by top chefs.The bar has a large selection of cigars, you can have a moment of peace.

The building was designed by leading architects, and there are many works of art by prominent artists on display inside. You will be fascinated by the profound atmosphere.

Hotel NameNara Hotel
address〒630-8301 1096 Takahata-cho, Nara City
accessNara Station 8 min by taxi
Kintetsu Nara Station 5 min by taxi
Nara Park 5 min by walk(Adjacent to Nara Park)
distanceNara Park is only 5 minutes away by walk 



It is a historic hotel where Audrey Hepburn and Einstein also stayed. I stayed in the main building, but the ceiling of the room was about 2 meters higher than a general hotel room, the corridor was wide, the ceiling was high, and there were many exhibitions of paintings, so I felt like I was on a movie set.

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Kasuga Hotel

Adjacent to Nara Park, the hotel has a total of 30 luxurious rooms. Eight rooms are equipped with open-air baths, so you can easily warm up at any time.

The cuisine is a variety of seasonal local dishes, and is loved by many Japan.

At the restaurant in the hotel, you can enjoy sukiyaki made with Nara brand beef.

Hotel NameKasuga Hotel
address〒630-8213 40 Noborioji-cho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture
accessNara Station 15 min by walk
Kintetsu Nara Station 5 min by walk
distanceNara Park is only 5 min away by walk(Adjacent to Nara Park) 

The hotel is in a great location where you can meet deer. The breakfast was delicious and we enjoyed our family stay. It was a room with a bathroom and the view was outstanding, so I was able to feel the atmosphere of Japan on my skin. The hot springs and open-air baths on the first floor are also very nice and I would like to visit again. It was facing the main street, so the parking lot was convenient.

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JW Marriott Hotel Nara

This luxury hotel has 158 rooms, including 16 suites, with modern and functional interiors that incorporate the scenery and nature of Nara.

The hotel has a 24-hour fitness center, an indoor pool and a spa. In addition, there is an executive lounge with a private meeting room for business use.

The hotel’s signature Silk Road Dining is an international cuisine, and there are other Japan restaurants and lounge bars for a high-quality dining experience.

Hotel NameJW Marriott Hotel Nara
address〒630-8013 Nara City Sanjo Oji 1-1-1
accessShin-Omiya Station 9 min by walk
Kintetsu Nara Station 5 min by walk
distanceNara Park is 9 min away by taxi, 15 min by train



All the employees were smiling and polite, which warmed my heart. The matcha and tea sweets at check-in were also delicious. The biggest attraction was the feast that used plenty of Nara’s local cuisine, and I was satisfied with the timely serving. The large public bath and open-air bath healed the fatigue of the trip.

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